United Nations Security Council

Agenda : Destabilizing the effects of The Northern Triangle.

President -Ashish Bhardwaj, the pioneer of MUNs at BHU, Varanasi is pursuing his undergraduate degree in Law. He believes in cracking a different approach to every possible ordinary thing that a person does. This man has never left any opportunity to showcase his debating skills and whenever you don't find him advocating his policies of peace and diplomacy, he'd be busy in plotting another great event. With all the experience in hand, he expects that he'd not let a single attendee leave empty handed. He hereby reaches out to the "to-be-delegates" of the Conference and vows to make it memorable for everyone.

Vice President - Pratul Chaturvedi, a student of 12th Grade studying Humanities with Mathematics and Computer Science in Seth MR Jaipuria School. He is a National Level Quizzer and the President of the School Quiz Club. He is versatile as he has delegated as well as chaired in both conventional and Indian committees. In his spare time when he is not browsing through the net over various issues affecting the USA and its polity, he engrosses himself to Dan Brown's conspiracies or loses himself to the magic of Leonardo DiCaprio's impeccable movies. He looks ahead to delegates being well versed with the agenda and bring paramount solutions at the table to solve the agenda at hand.