United Nations General Assebly-IV (SPECPOL)

Agenda : Reforms in the augmentation in accountability of the UN peacekeeping forces

Behold ladies and gentlemen, because now it's time for you to know about the fifth and the last Committee to be simulated at the Delhi Public School Eldeco, Model United Nations 2018.

UN peacekeepers work in overseeing peace initiatives in war torn areas of the world and in areas subject to conflict and turmoil. Unfortunately, peacekeepers both recently and in the past have run into trouble due to sexual abuse charges and other harassment charges while they are stationed at work. Allegations of child sex rings created by peacekeepers in the Democratic republic of Congo have surfaced recently leading to harsh criticism being placed on the UN for their laws and standards of accountability for UN peacekeepers. Furthermore, many accounts of sexual abuse by peacekeepers without any trial or punishment for the action have been noted in the past. Given the magnitude of this issue, there have been many calls by the global public to enforce stricter adherence to peacekeeper laws and holding peacekeepers accountable for their actions.

The committee will leave you spellbound with the amount of substantial debate which will take place. See you all in August