The Great SEJM 1788

Agenda : Restoring Sovereignty to, and reforming the Commonwealth.

Marshal of the SEJM -Shayer Majumdar

With breathtaking intellectual capability and a well-known vocal prowess, Shayer has always been an enigma to all that meet him. Known extensively across the MUN circuit as one who prefers to run his committees differently, he is a significant value addition to any team. Trying to fight the tide of decreasing level of debate, Shayer has always stood out.

Vice Marshal of the Sejm - Avinash Singh Vishen, a fun loving and humble human being from heart. He is an efficient leader and an intellectually gifted humanitarian. He is also a state level Badminton player and has participated in a number of debates He will surely indulge you in a discussion of his favourite TV Series, laced with heavy sarcasm. He promises everyone to give a conference of a lifetime, and commits to deliver his best.