The Great SEJM 1788

Agenda : Restoring Sovereignty to, and reforming the Commonwealth. Greetings everyone!

We present to you, the first Committee to be simulated at the Delhi Public School, Eldeco Model United Nations 2018.

Committee : The Great Sejm of 1788.

Agenda : Restoring Sovereignty to, and reforming the Commonwealth.

Privacy is an inherent, intrinsic and inevitable human right and a prerequisite for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect.

The Great Sejm, also known as the Four-Year Sejm was a Sejm (parliament) of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth that was held in Warsawbetween 1788 and 1792. Its principal aim became to restore sovereignty to, and reform, the Commonwealth politically and economically.

Poland was among the few countries in Europe where the parliament played an especially important role - it was the Sejm that contributed the most to uniting the nation and the state. As in other European countries, the Polish Sejm as a representative body took shape through an evolutionary process. The General Sejm sitting at Piotrków since January 1493 was of special significance in that process. It was then that a bicameral parliament was established, consisting of the Senate (upper chamber) and the House of Deputies (lower chamber). Until the fall of the First Polish Commonwealth (Republic) in 1795, the Polish Sejm remained the sole representative of the nobility, which accounted for more than 10% of Poland’s total population. In no other European country was the privileged estate so numerous.

Your words will have to be an accurate representation of your thoughts, research, insight and decision making because this committee will not only test your rhetorical skills but will also challenge your decisiveness and insight.