International Press

Presenting the Executive Board!

International Press.

Head of International Press: Stuti Lal

As much as she believes in the power of the press, Stuti Lal also realizes the responsibilities that come along with it. She is an artist, a traveller, an occasional writer, and is currently pursuing her Masters in English. She believes in the paramount power of the pen and would certainly ensure an astounding experience for all her team mates.

Head of Design: Ishita Kumar

Ishita Kumar is a student of La Martiniere Girls’ College studying Commerce with Mathematics and Computer Science. She has a fascination with technology and is always keen to enhance her knowledge. She has been attending MUN conferences for about 3 years and has participated as a delegate, as a member of the International Press and has served at MUN conferences in the capacity of a member of the Secretariat. A fun loving and carefree individual, her interests revolve around her magical world of slumber and hunger that she can never get rid of. A person who staunchly believes in black and white in a world full of grey, Ishita lets logic reign in her life and has a systematic outlook for achieving her goals and fulfilling her commitments.

Head of Photography: Abhinav Pandey

Abhinav Pandey is a twelfth grader, currently reading Humanities with Physical Education, at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Lucknow. In the MUNning battleground, he is mostly spotted amidst the reckless roars of the fanatically frisky Lok Sabhas, trying to offend- and defend his stance in a manner which is becoming only of a future politician himself. When he is not busy day-dreaming about himself in the actual Parliament, Abhinav is either found out in the field, or in front of his television watching and re-watching episodes of FRIENDS and SHERLOCK (without a conflict of conscience).

A widely acclaimed photographer, Abhinav Pandey is known chiefly for his romance with his camera, having taken the city by storm with his exemplary talent of expressing via captured light. He is exceptionally skilled in transforming the most mundane melodrama of daily life into photographic art that is sure to leave you mesmerised, and like an artist true to his art, holds a firm belief that good photographs are made, not taken. Having won his first photography award in DPSE MUN 2016, you will see him again, this time, as the Head of Photography.

Editor in Chief: Atharva Tewari

Atharva Tewari is a 12th grader from Seth M. R. Jaipuria is known for his charming personality and sudden rushes of enthusiasm. Studying Humanities with Economics, he is a well known wizard, creating magic with ink and paper, stealing the hearts of people and iguanas alike. Apart from weaving words together and creating magic with them, he loves talking incessantly. Atharva is a Regional Correspondent at BBC, a Regional Associate at CNN, and writes for an array of magazines including TeenVoices, TeenInk and Skindeep. It is therefore recommended that you never start an argument with him, lest you should find yourself buried under mountains of his big words. He aspires to become a journalist (and he's ruthless, really. He'll do anything to get there). He has attended and won numerous press committees at MUNs, proudly carrying around a his basket of laurels. He is most definitely a heart-warming person and is as inspiring and flawless as his handwriting and eye-rolls. If you ever find yourself in an argument with him, trust us he's rolled his eyes a million times in his head already. He's a soft hearted warm powerhouse of energy and if you ever need any help he should be on your to-go list! Lastly, being an extremely experienced IP member, he strongly advises all the Journalists to relax, watch the catty delegates fight it out and enjoy the show!

Together, they will surely reflect the wondrous show which will be conducted in DPSEMUN'17 in the most phenomenal way.

With that said, ladies and gentlemen we present to you the Executive Board of International Press