International Press

We present to you, the Executive Board for the International Press!

Head of The International Press: Atharva Tewari is a well-known word wizard, creating magic with ink and paper, stealing the hearts of people and iguanas alike. Atharva founded his own online magazine at the young age of 15 and has also served as a Regional Correspondent at BBC and a Regional Associate at CNN while also writing for an array of international magazines including TeenVoices, Affinity Magazine and Skin-deep. Lastly, being an extremely experienced IP member, he strongly advises all the Journalists to relax, watch the catty delegates fight it out and enjoy the show!

The Editor in Chief: Exceptional, Prolific phenomenal, our Editor in Chief is not only on the epitome of eloquence, but also a virtuoso of music. Every word used to describe Vedanta Agarwal is defecit to articulate his prowess and his extraordinary contribution in the field of art, aesthetics and literature. Not only has he left an indelible mark on the intellectual circuit of the city but also his exceptional demeanor and talent has also spotted a place for him in the Literary Society of his college, as the executive member. The founding President of the English Literary Society of our school he laid foundations for many stellar events and societies which trace his legacy. We are sure that he'll be better than the best and prove to be the best Editor in Chief DPSEMUN has ever observed.

The Head of Photography: "You gotta' show people that the work will be done, with or without them." Swearing on these lines, Shivaay Gulati has been just going up the line. When we say there's no one who can match his game, we want you to know that this is no jesting we're doing here. Being on the MUN circuit for over 3 years, his winning streak is something to look upon. He's a wonderful photographer, a perfect organiser and probably the best host in town. At DPSEMUN'18, he stands as the Head of Photography and awaits your presence. He'll not let anyone go empty handed. So, if you were waiting for the best, this is just the beginning.