DPS Eldeco is committed to the cause of education. Under the able guidance of Dr. Deepti Dwivedi Principal DPS Eldeco, the school has been the proud host of the two editions of DPSEMUN as an independent student organization. It is known to other “Model United Nation Groups” for its high quality of delegate participation and the authenticity of its session.

The goal of DPSEMUN is to replicate the rules and practices used at the United Nations to the largest extent. It also activates students imagination and creativity that they are naturally inclined too. As a simulation DPSEMUN is designed to acquaint the delegates the process of undergoing extensive research, having ardent arguments over topics as diverse as building resilient cities for climate change, infringement of women’s right, post-world war to peace meet, Korean war, threat caused by the use of artificial intelligence, citizen’s dialogue, futuristic United Nations General Assembly and to find their solutions in less than 48 hours.

For past two years than 300 participating delegates from middle school, high school and university level have received best hotel accommodation, fine cuisine, able administration, and well-coordinated logistics team. All have been looked into by the student community led by Secretary General Nishant Pandey, Aryan Srivastava and their team of Under Secretary General.

The school was highly honoured to present multiple certificates and mementoes to the deserving student by the gracious hands of Dr. P.B. Nimbse, Vice Chancellor Lucknow University, respected Law Minister Brijesh Pandey and Social Workers Mrs. Namrata Pandey.

“May the wheel of success churn many more accolades for the school”