Futuristic United Nations General Assembly

Presenting the Executive Board!

Co-Chairperson - Mitali Bhasin

Mitali Bhasin is an enterprising individual who holds firm belief in the ability of today’s youth to bring about a change. She wears many hats; an artist, entrepreneur, activist, speaker and avid MUNner, she recently took to research on Artificial Intelligence and the kind which makes her all the more excited for her stint as Co-President of the Futuristic United Nations General Assembly. Mitali’s committees are known to be challenging, disciplined, unique and a treat for all humans who come with the agenda to walk out intrigued and aware.

Co-Chairperson - Avinash Singh Vishen

Avinash Singh Vishen is a student of CMS Lucknow, a fun loving and humble human being from heart. He is an efficient leader and an intellectually gifted humanitarian. He is also a state level Badminton player and has participated in a number of debates He will surely indulge you in a discussion of his favourite TV Series, laced with heavy sarcasm. He promises everyone to give a conference of a lifetime, and commits to deliver his best.

Vice Chairperson - Aryan Srivastava

Aryan Srivastava is a student of The Millennium school Lucknow, and also served as the Chief advisor for his school's conference. He is an ardent debator, MUNer, bibliophile and takes keen interest in International Relations and Politics. His unpredictability makes him different from others as he knows how to persuade as well as how to get somebody to agree on an arguably invalid point. Aryan is someone who won't let you sit and gape all the time and promises to make DPSEMUN an amazing conference for everyone.