Futuristic United Nations General Assembly

Agenda : Threat by Artificial Intelligence

We present to you, the first committee to be stimulated at the DPSEMUN 17. General Assembly (GA) is the main representative organ of UN for various policymaking and to deliberate over important matters such as peace and security.

Taking a level up by changing the usual GA discussions, we introduce the Futuristic General Assembly which will focus on discussing the threat the artificial intelligence poses on the world threat.

A committee where monotonous would be a word unknown to everyone.. Do we understand that way too much dependence on Artificial Intelligence can actually replace human resources? If robots start replacing human resources in every field, we will have to deal with serious issues like unemployment in turn leading to mental depression, poverty and crime in the society. Human beings deprived of their work life may not find any means to channelize their energies and harness their expertise. Do you realise that there are chances that intelligent machines overpower human beings! Machines may enslave human beings and start ruling the world. Imagine artificial intelligence taking over human intellect! The picture is definitely not rosy.

Don't blame us if you don't wish to move out of the committee room after the intriguing discussions.

Upping the committee game, here we have our first committee.

See you all in August