Agenda : The Cabinet of Richard Nixon, 1969

With great power comes great responsibility.

Continuing to woo you with our committees, we have our next committee before you, The Crisis Committee with the most happening agenda you could ever think of, The Cabinet of President Richard Nixon.

Corrupt. Controversial. Pivotal. Machiavellian.

All words used to describe the presidency and legacy of Richard Milhous Nixon, a career politician who inherited a country ravaged by deadly entanglements abroad, anti-war violence, civil rights protests, and mass disaffection with the American political system. When Nixon takes the oath of office in January 1969, he pledges to use his office to bring the nation together to overcome the hurdles of a new decade - but does he even stand a chance at succeeding?

The Cabinet of Richard Nixon is made up of the advisors and allies of one of the most infamous presidents in American history. This powerful group has to make critical decisions within the tenuous geopolitical atmosphere of the Cold War, along with facing internal strife within the United States. Cabinet Secretaries will face the consequences of their actions through constant crises and developments.

As the cabinet, departments executives, and other crucial officers, you have the duty and responsibility of guiding President Nixon to a prosperous and peaceful future for this great nation. The road won’t be easy: hundreds of citizen-soldiers perish for every day the war in Vietnam rages on, China and Russia pose greater threats than ever before, and a general lack of distrust throughout Washington could force the entire government as we know it to crumble at our feet. To succeed, you’ll need to play one of the dirtiest games of politics known to democracy and come out of it with clean hands and a (slightly) clouded conscience. Cover your tracks, watch your back, and, above all, choose your words carefully - you never know who might be listening.