Citizens' Dialogue

Agenda : Open Agenda

Maintaining the testimony of the committees, we have our second committee, the Citizens' Dialogue. Citizens' dialogue is a public deliberation method by means of which viewpoint on not just one particular topic, but on every possible issue that India faces in today's scenario can be expressed and heard.

In this committee, various stakeholders will come together to discuss one of the most crucial topics of our country ranging from demonetisation to homosexuality.

Since the development of a country is closely encumbered to the voicing of demands by its citizens, it was perhaps inescapable to keep this committee in the DPSEMUN 17, where everyone won't just dwell together on just one issue but also think and work out the solutions to all the issues which might just turn out to be interlinked. Don't be awe struck by the agendas that might be set since the committee will have an open agenda and therefore the stakeholders will also have the responsibility to prioritize the agendas on mutual consensus and deliberate upon them.

The battle of words will be accompanied by storms of critical and analytical thinking, this committee will make the delegates experience another level of debate and shall leave them enthralled.

This is the second committee to be stimulated at the DPSEMUN, where diplomats will discuss, deliberate and display diplomacy for the good of their country.