Chief Advisor

Mr. Nishant Pandey

It is time for you to meet our chief advisor, Mr. Nishant Pandey who is a dynamic and enterprising MUNer, a passionate debator, a good career counselor, a loving soul all packed in one. With a law career in shape he holds his CLAT books close to him, the Constitution even closer.

He is someone who has himself paved his way and then walked on it with pride. He is a very reputed name in the Lucknow Circuit. He is the founder President of the DPS Eldeco MUN Society. He served as the Secretary General of the maiden edition of DPS Eldeco MUN and made it a memorable experience for the delegates. He's attended many MUN's around the country and won them with his realistic diplomacy and shrewd politics. He also loves taking long romantic walks to every MUN happening. His experience and tact are always needed and appreciated. He has also served as the Deputy Secretary General at IITKMUN 2016 and YWLS 2017.

He's very technical and full of knowledge in every sector.

He joins DPSEMUN as the chairperson of Citizens' Dialogue and as the Chief Advisor.

Needless to say, he's surely the best Chief Advisor we could ever wish for.